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egoraptors back! haha this was funny man, top score from me


really good!

this is a great piece, its just i didnt like the voice acting when the yellow dude speaks (i forgot his name lol)
but still its awesome!

hey its great!

i been watching from episode 1 so far and still watching through and i have to say, im getting caught into this, its really good! i hope the next few chapters are as good, or yet better than the past 2 and this 1.
keep up the fantastic work!

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this was an awesome game, i enjoyed playing it, and the unlocked challenge was good too, i was just a little disappointed about the SECRET in the game, i was expecting something else, but im not going to give you less than i really want to because of that ^_^
5/5 and 10/10

well done


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nice work

this peice is very catchy and you can tell that a lot of effort and work was put into this, i like that FX sound you used in the beginngin, and i like how the song starts slow then progresses into something awesome XD
great work =D

thatguy669606 responds:

Thanks a lot bro! Anything you feel needs work though, I'm still pretty new to FL so any pointers would be massively appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the song though. I wanted to make it longer and have a big piano piece at the end, but my FL got all laggy and shit and then the basses started changing keys so I was like screw it. Anyway thanks again for the review!

nice XD

this new 'flavour' you went for the exact type of music i love to hear XD nice work on this, the name suits the song and the song seems to flow very well
great work on this XD



lol it kinda sounds like the band 'The birthday massacre', but i like it, you should expand it its good really XD


thatguy669606 responds:

sweet thanks bro I'm glad you liked it, this is one of my least favorite things up here but yeah it could be worth working on. Thats cool you think it sounds like TBM i saw them live last May with MSI and they were pretty good. I just picked up FL 8 recently but I haven't had much time to use it so I'll see what I can do now. At the moment I've been using a lot of DSK VSTi's and ACID Pro 6, but its not up to par with whay FL can do

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