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2008-07-19 01:45:21 by 3ndL3ss

havnt posted in a while, so i thought i might just add some progress lol

my recent song 'Techburp' seems to be doing fine, but could use a bit of working on so thats about 60% done,
i plan to remix numa numa by ozone soon lol, but i dunno how long that will take
and theres still a collab with me and fuffka to come lol, so look forward to that XD

done forget to check my myspace out! (doesnt have techburp yet but soon it will) (dont forget to take out the space!)



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2008-07-19 05:02:55

Cant wait to hear that collab between you and fuffka. Itll be awesome :)

3ndL3ss responds:

yeah, but thats whenever we start haha, hes got to finish his peice first, until then im just messing around on FL.
and the numa numa remix is probs gonna be switched with an all i ever wanted remix by basshunter, so yeah, in time it will be out ^_^

be sure to check out techburp {redone} XD


2008-07-25 21:48:56

Yea, i checked it out. Reviewed it too :)
Also, i have 2 new tracks out :D

3ndL3ss responds:

awesome, ill be sure to check them out!



2008-07-29 20:15:32

yo man we need to get our collab started. first we should decide on a gerne or summin nd make a baseline nd stuff. TALK TO YOU ON MSN ND SHIZZLE!

3ndL3ss responds:

i know man, im trying its not seeming to work >_> it opens but then it just wont play the music =/ dunno whats wrong