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2008-05-26 11:38:48 by 3ndL3ss

okay, so ive said how im adding 6 songs onto my album R34S0N and ive got 3 of 6 songs completed (maybe 4 im not sure whether to add Arctic Attack to it)
but yeah check out my myspace aswel XD



oh yeah and a poll "should i put Arctic Attack on my album R34S0N?"

oh yeah and props to fuffka for making my awesome album cover XD, thanks dude really appreciated


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2008-05-26 11:43:03

darknessdweller wuz here.

3ndL3ss responds:

and im here now XD


2008-05-26 12:06:51

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3ndL3ss responds:

hahaha dude your an idiot... a mosquito...


2008-05-26 22:24:21

I think you should put arctic attack in the album.
(Also, what im about to say is too the poster above me, not you, kk?) JoxskornerStudios01, thats the worst chain-sending thing ive ever read.
and YOU fell for it.

3ndL3ss responds:

cool, so thats one vote for yes so far =P
and haha okay, hes an idiot XD


2008-05-27 18:01:48

NO! make another new song =D

3ndL3ss responds:

dont put arctic attack on my album?, kk lol